European Times

Bringing you closer to Europe’s business hub

The European Times is an independent media agency that specializes in in-depth promotional magazines on different countries and regions worldwide.

The European Times reaches close to half a million decision-makers and opinion leaders of top enterprises in Europe as well as the European Union Parliament members.

Simply said, The European Times is the bridge between European entrepreneurs and political personalities and the rest of the business world. We aim to provide up-to-date information on business opportunities and the latest happenings across the globe.

The European Times has a wide distribution network, targeted specifically at business readers who have their fingers at the pulse of the industry.

Where can you find the European Times:

  • Chambers of Commerce and trade offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France
  • Embassies in Germany, the United Kingdom and France
  • The VIP and business airline lounges in
    Paris Charles de Gaulle airport(
    and London Heathrow airport(
  • Exclusively distributed in the European Union Parliament in Brussels

The European Times works in partnerships with different governmental institutions worldwide.