Textiles-Industry Leader Open to Partnerships

Mapeto, with a long history in Malawi, demonstrates the country’s progress and potential. Founded in 1967 as a state-owned textiles mill, Mapeto was privatised in 2003 and formed a partnership with an Indian enterprise in order to modernise its equipment and technologies. Mapeto is ranked the local market leader in the textiles sector and has invested in its own cotton gin, the largest in the country, which has significantly boosted the company’s export capacity. Mapeto is actively searching for customers for fabrics and lint.

Martin Mpata, General Manager

The company’s core activities are the production and distribution of textiles, mainly cotton. Mapeto supplies finished textiles products to the Malawi market through a well-established distribution system. As Malawi’s economy develops, demand for textile products will increase, and Mapeto would like to serve as a reliable partner for foreign textiles enterprises looking to establish a presence in Malawi and in other African markets. Mapeto can tailor-make designs to customers’ specifications.

Mapeto offers a well-established reputation in the local textiles sector, as well as industry-leading production capacity and productive relations with the government. Mapeto can also count on reliable supplies of raw materials since it has long-standing relationships with local cotton farmers. For potential investors in Malawi’s high-potential textiles industry, Mapeto is the local partner of choice.

P.O. Box 30070 – Blantyre 3
Tel: +265 1670 440/939


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