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Cement Leader Known for World-Class Quality

Lafarge Group is the world leader in building materials, specialising in cement, aggregate, concrete and gypsum. Lafarge Cement Malawi is a subsidiary of the Lafarge group and has been operational in Malawi since 2002. It is part of Lafarge Cement South East Africa Cluster.

Bruno Hounkpati, General Manager

General Manager Bruno Hounkpati explains, “Each country’s operations are managed independently to ensure the most rapid and efficient service. Lafarge Cement Malawi is well known in Malawi for the high quality of its products and its market leadership. We associate ourselves with the country’s infrastructure development and economic growth.”

Lafarge Cement Malawi employs over 400 people and serves all types of players in the local construction sector, from do-it-yourself builders to large construction companies, architects and local artisans. Lafarge is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of all its clients.

Portfolio of innovative, high-performance products

The company market leadership is the result of the unparalleled performance and reliability of its brands: Duracrete, Ordinary Portland Cement and Kumanga. These products are designed to address different needs of the construction segment. Bruno Hounkpati explains, “We are well placed to support growth and development in Malawi because we offer high performance, high-quality products at the right price for our clients. We are currently exploring more innovative construction solutions that are new to the market, to address emergence of sophisticated needs in the construction segment.”

For the existing portfolio, Lafarge Cement Malawi strives to enlarge its offer to the market by accelerating differentiation in their core business: enlarging their product range and service offer.

Bruno Hounkpati says, “We are working with many different companies here in Malawi and we earn most of our revenues through sales to trade and through major projects. We foresee great opportunities in Malawi’s ongoing infrastructure development.”

Another goal for Lafarge Cement Malawi is to promote sustainable construction through environmentally friendly construction solutions. Bruno Hounkpati points out, “Many local people make clay bricks by burning firewood, which uses up Malawi’s timber resources causing massive deforestation and soil erosion. We are working to provide alternative building solutions that will reduce deforestation and will ensure that our own production processes are environmentally friendly.”

Lafarge Cement Malawi also places a high priority on employee safety and on providing support for local communities. The company’s corporate social responsibility projects in Malawi include several health and education initiatives.

Lafarge Cement Malawi is certified ISO 9001:2008 and has positioned itself as the ideal local partner for foreign investors in construction and development projects in Malawi. The company also aims to continue to be involved in big government projects, including the construction of a new parliament building, the conference centre, University of Science and Technology and the Tete-Nacala railway line among others. Lafarge Cement Malawi continues to invest in plant upgrades and new technologies as part of its drive to meet the highest possible quality standards. Bruno Hounkpati says, “People who know Lafarge Cement Malawi know that it has the best-quality cement in the market.”

P.O. Box 523 – Blantyre
Tel: +265 1871933/870031


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