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Leading Cotton Processor Aims to Expand in Agriculture Sector

Cotton Ginners Africa Limited, part of the Farooq Group of Companies since 1967, processes seed cotton for export to far and Far Eastern countries like United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and Malaysia and is now ranked number three in the cotton sector with a market share of 17% in Malawi.

Abdul Rehman, Managing Director

A member and Vice Chairman of the Association of Malawian Cotton Ginners, the company is known for its commitment to high quality standards and for its sound financial management. It has received support from major financial institutions as it pursues its ambitious growth plans.

Managing Director Abdul Rehman explains that Cotton Ginners Africa plans to expand in the agriculture sector through investing in growing its own cotton as well as other crops and in irrigation systems to supplement the erratic rains. He says, “We are looking for technology partnerships for our agriculture ventures. We are also focussing on enhancing recognition of our brand and on training our staff abroad to help us continue to improve our standards. In a short period of time, we have developed big demand for our products. This is a sign of success, and we expect this trend to continue.”

Cotton Ginners Africa Limited is committed to playing a key role in Malawi’s economic development as it expands through the cotton value chain. Abdul Rehman explains, “We are very confident about the future. With our dedicated team, we will continue to work closely with the government of Malawi to improve the country as a whole through job creation and generation of foreign exchange and to drive forward our company’s growth.”

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Tel: +265 212 823 996/888 823 996


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