National Bank of Malawi


Leading Local Bank Aims to Expand Regionally

National Bank of Malawi has been providing high-quality banking services for over 100 years and is now ranked the country’s biggest and most profitable bank. Barclays Bank DCO and Standard Chartered Bank are the bank’s former shareholders. Today, National Bank of Malawi is a 100% Malawi-owned, fully private banking operation, listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange, whose main shareholders include Press Corporation Limited and Old Mutual Malawi. The bank builds on the wealth of local knowledge and international expertise it has gained over its many decades of operations.

CEO George B. Partridge, who was formerly with the Reserve Bank of Malawi, cites productive partnerships as one reason for the bank’s success. He says, “We have established relationships with institutional investors like FMO and the IFC, we have a good working relationship with the Malawi government and we have established correspondent relationships with foreign banks like Barclays and Citibank. This has given my directors and myself the confidence to run National Bank of Malawi in the right way.”

A current goal for the bank is to expand beyond Malawi’s borders. George B. Partridge points out, “We have nearly reached critical mass here in Malawi and are looking to grow in the region. We understand our neighbouring countries and we have developed products and services which can cater to the needs of the regional market.”

Looking to establish joint-venture partnership

National Bank of Malawi aims to grow through establishing a joint-venture partnership, either with another small to medium-sized bank or with an institutional investor or a foreign investor looking to enter African markets. “We want to share investment costs as well as expertise with a partner as we pursue our ambitious growth plans here in Africa,” George B. Partridge says.

National Bank of Malawi has positioned itself as an ideal partner in the African financial sector thanks to its in-depth experience, strong long-term track record and proven ability to remain the market leader in spite of increasing competition from foreign banks in Malawi. Explaining why investors should look into the potential of working with the National Bank of Malawi, George B. Partridge says, “We understand the local market better than our competitors do, we are able to provide unique regional solutions, and we offer a better rate of return for our shareholders.” National Bank of Malawi is ready to serve as a solid, reliable partner in Africa.

7 Henderson st. – Blantyre
Tel: +265 182 0609


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